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What We Offer


Metaverse Enviroment

We bring the most popular concert venues to your devices for you. interuniversal unite.


Audiovisual Experiences

We ensure accessibility by sustaining the completed musical experience using the most advanced technologies possible.

NFT Marketplace

NFT & Sample Marketplace

We offer an advanced marketplace with NFT collections, fan-tokenomics, sample sharing.

DAO & Community

DAO & Community

Apart from the SP main community, we will also support sub-communities and our users (DAO) will always be our main primary directors.

Advanced EQ & Player

Advanced EQ & Player

Fully-featured customization so you can easily dominate your music player & sound.

VR & Live Events

VR & Live Events

Limitless & timeless interaction. Wherever you are, we are there.
A new dimension in your music experience.

Sports Mode & Moods

Sport Mode & Moods

We aim to offer the best sports experience to our users with our new partnerships by meticulously conducting the R&D phase.



Music-Projects-based version control system.   #FreedomOfCollaborations

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